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Helpful Software

BIOVIA Draw (Chemistry)
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Audacity (Audio Editor)
Celestia (3D Space Simulator)
Flash Player
Firefox Browser
Google Earth (Mapping)
SketchUp (3D Modeling)
Handbrake (Video Transcoding)
Orbiter (Space Flight Simulator)
Stellarium (Planetarium)


Cornell Note-Taking System
Tips for iPhone Users
The OWL at Purdue


How to cover a book

Writing Handouts

Lab Notebook Guidelines
Lab Report Guidelines
Lab Drawings
Scientific Observations
Writing Essay Tests

Science and Math Handouts

The Electron Pyramid
Greek Alphabet
Periodic Table
Scientific Notation
Significant Figures
Slope and Rate
Systems of Measurement
Unit Factor Analysis

Recommended Apps

Decibel 10th (Sound Meter)
EMD PTE (Periodic Table)
Google Drive
iTunes U
PicFrame (Photo Collage)
PicLab (Photo Editor)
PocketCAS (Mathematics)
Pocket Light Meter
RefME (Citations)
Socrative (Classroom Polling)
SpectraSnapp (Spectroscope)
Spectrum View (Sound Analyzer)
TED talks
TCT (Periodic Table)
Total Recall (Mind Map)
TurboScan (Photo to PDF)
WhatStat (Statistical Calculator)

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Summer Naturalist (2016)

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Summer Naturalist (2015)

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